Paying off your mortgage in the event of a critical illness or death, or replacing lost income in the event of an unexpected long-term illness, is too often overlooked, and can often cause borrowers to struggle financially.

Jonathan and Phil can offer you a solution to all your protection needs, from the simplest of “Decreasing Term” life assurances through to the more comprehensive options such as “Critical Illness” cover and “Income Protection”. 

Using a panel of top named providers which comprises of household names such as Aviva, Legal & General, LV and Royal London, and starting from as little as £6 per month, they can help you to cover every need.

Decreasing Term Assurance    

The simplest and most cost-effective form of mortgage protection and ideal as low-cost cover for a repayment mortgage.

Level Term Assurance    

Providing a set level of benefit throughout the policy term, this is ideal as basic cover for an interest only mortgage or lump sum family protection.

Income Protection

Aimed at replacing lost income in the event of long-term illness.

Family Income Benefit  

Provides an income for a set period in the event of death during the insured period.

Critical Illness Cover    

Pays out a lump sum benefit in the event that the insured, or the insured children, are diagnosed with a specified life-threatening illness during the term of the policy. 

Accident & Sickness  Cover

To protect your mortgage payments in the even of you being unable to work for a short term period (normally 30 days plus) and ensure your mortgage is kept up to date.

Accident & Sickness cover typically costs £4.71 per month for every £100 of monthly benefit. This is based on a 36-year-old customer choosing £850 of Accident & Sickness monthly benefit with claims paid after a 30-day deferred period. The cost of this insurance depends on a number of factors, such as your age, where you live and your occupation.

As a result, the cost you will pay is based on your own circumstances. There are other providers of Short-term Income Protection and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

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